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Frequently Asked Questions

1-2-1 tutoring allows the student to gain maximum focussed attention with the tutor. Everything in the session will be designed and tailored to benefit them and their needs, individually.

Lessons can be flexible and have a clear pathway for progress with 1-2-1. The student and the tutor have the opportunity to build trust in a working relationship and rapport with each other.

1-2-1 tutoring is highly recommended as the optimum style for building confidence and autonomy in a students’ own abilities and can have really positive effect on their future learning.

Online tutoring works just as it would in-person, only, the learning
takes place on Zoom! Our tutors have plenty of digital resources
including questions, textbooks and notes and will also demonstrate
model answers and examples via an online whiteboard. They can then send any additional notes or model answers they make during the session to the student afterwards for their own benefit.

Our tutors are a diverse mix of bright, dedicated graduates,
undergraduates, and teachers with a verified ability to deliver high
quality tutoring.

You can meet them by clicking here.

Ben and I are soon to be graduates ourselves and have been
successfully tutoring for 5 years between us. We know from
experience that students with confidence and ability can make
exceptional tutors. We think this because graduates and undergrads
are academic specialists who have the most recent, relevant
experience in exam systems. They have been through the motions of
mastering the material, practicing the questions and achieving highly in the exams. Young, enthusiastic tutors can be at an advantage in helping the student relate and feel more at ease with the tutor so they can relax and let the learning take place.

Most sessions take place during weekday evening or weekends. Our
tutors are also flexible during the daytime, if you are looking for a
session then.

Most of our sessions run on an hourly basis weekly, however after
consultation we will be able to assess the individual needs of the
student and recommend a minimum number of sessions.