Meet The Tutors

We have a wide range of tutors, from a wide range of backgrounds
all of which specialise in different subjects and learning methods suited
to each individual student we work with. Meet them below!

Emily Mason


Emily founded The Edinburgh Tutors in 2020 which then grew into EFL Tutors early 2021. Emily has been tutoring privately since 2017 and has helped over 60 students become more confident and achieve better grades since then.

Emily has recently finished studying for her Masters in Chemical Engineering and her favourite subject to teach is National 5 Maths.

Ben Smith


Ben joined The Edinburgh Tutors in mid-2020 and has been tutoring in one method or another since his final years in High School.

Ben has recently graduated from Heriot Watt University, achieving a Masters in Chemical Engineering & Energy. Ben specialises in tutoring Maths, Chemistry & Physics having studied these subjects to an advanced level.

Chloe Campbell

Dedicated teacher

After teaching History at a High School in the Highlands, I have returned back to Edinburgh to help young people develop their skills, improve their knowledge and become more confident. ​

As a former debating coach, GirlGuide Leader and ex summer camp counsellor, I am used to teaching young people in a dynamic, engaging and effective way. I enjoy watching my pupils excel and helping close the attainment gap.

Specialises in: Modern Studies, English & History

Matei Nedelcu

science expert

I pride myself on a tailored approach to teaching, helping students reach their target and improving their confidence. I am always learning and enjoy diving into the material, producing engaging lessons. ​

I graduated in 2018 with BSc General Science degree from the University of St Andrews where I studied modules with a wide range of subjects including mathematics, cosmology, computer science, sustainable development and evolution, with my focus on chemistry (biological, inorganic, organic, and physical). I'm currently studying Natural Sciences at the Open University.

Specialises in: Maths and Chemistry

Chloe Atkins

Everything English

After falling in love with Edinburgh 4 years ago, I decided to further my study here by reading English Literature and History at the University of Edinburgh! Outside of my studies, I am an avid netball player and have been since I was young, playing at a high level for both my school and University. I have had experience tutoring at various levels since I was in high school. I have an engaging and effective style and I can appreciate student’s different learning styles and adapt my teaching to their preference.

Specialises in: English Literature, English Language and History

Yasmin Lefkair

Languages Specialist

I am currently an Interpreting and Translation (French/Spanish) student, at Heriot-Watt University. I have been tutoring Biology, Maths and French for four years at National and Higher level. I have over this time built up a good track record of developing excellent student progress and also students’ enjoyment for, and confidence in their Science work and language skills.

My combined interest in sciences and languages has enabled me to appreciate the different ways in which students learn, and find the best approaches to give them the most out of the lesson.

Specialises in: Maths, Biology and French

Romane Moulin

passionate scientist

Hello! My name is Romane, I am a French native and I have a Master's degree in physics from Heriot-Watt University. Throughout my degree, I was often buried in my studies, always wanting to understand every last concept in each courses. This got me a bit of a nerd reputation (which I loved, truly) and a lot of my classmates would come to me when they were struggling. This was one of my incentives for creating a student lead tutorial in the Physics department!

My approach is to be patient, attentive, and thorough with one's understanding and method. I also love to share my love and appreciation of sciences and how awesome they are!

Specialises in: Physics and Maths

Edinburgh Fife and Lothians tutor.

Matthew Slater

music man

I'm Matthew, I graduated with a BSc in Music Technology from the University of the West of Scotland covering sound production, animation and digital media. I followed this up with a Modern Apprenticeship in Manufacturing Engineering where I completed an NC, HNC and an SVQ3 whilst working and learning new skills and putting them into practice "on the job". I also acted as the student rep during this time as an older apprentice.

I have taught in pipe bands over the years including as Assistant Pipe Major leading the band on occasions at rehearsals and public performances, have classroom experience from volunteer roles and have always wanted to learn new things myself. I will take the time to find the best way to explain concepts to you and will strive to find the answers to your questions and to foster your curiosity as best as I can.

Specialises in: Music and Modern Studies

Hear what our students say about us

Below are some recommendations we've received to help you make your decision.

Emily has made fantastic progress with my daughter in such a short period of time. She has a lovely approach and manner and has worked well to build her confidence with Maths along the way. Great choice of tutor.

L. Simpson

Tutor: Emily

Chloe is brilliant. Summer is very relaxed with her which doesn't happen often. I had parents’ night last week for summer and her teacher said she has come on so much. She is now at the level for her spelling that she should be at, which is fantastic, so well done to Chloe for all her hard work with Summer. I couldn't be any happier with Summer’s progress, so thank you and massive thanks to Chloe.


Tutor: Chloe

Grace's prelims went well, thanks! Huge thank you to Matei for all the help.


Tutor: Matei

I think Forbes really enjoyed the lesson with Matei, having things explained to him clearly. I can see it has boosted his confidence already.


Tutor: Matei

We have been absolutely delighted with Chloe and her approach to her sessions with Max. I cannot praise her enough. The difference in Max is so noticeable, and he feels better in himself. The lessons seem to be going really well. Chloe and Max have a great rapport with each other. His confidence has really started to shine through in this little time. He is making leaps and bounds in school too, trying things out of his comfort zone. I really couldn't be happier or more thankful to Chloe.


Tutor: Chloe

Emily is a very good tutor, she answers all the many questions that her student is asking in the Maths region of her tutoring, she also brings in other resources which are very helpful and is a very friendly face.


Tutor: Emily